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CheckRedi Credit Card Services

CHECKredi Credit Card Processing Services

In the past, it seems that online electronic payment processing services were only available through large companies looking to gain customers who preferred to shop from home. Those who were willing to enter credit card information online were able to benefit from a wide variety of ecommerce merchants selling everything from software to shoes. Now, with CHECKredi, not only can small businesses benefit from online credit card processing, but they can be sure they're getting the best credit card processing rates and fees and a secure payment solution for them and their customers.

Some customers assume that the majority of businesses will accept credit card payments, especially when they shop online. Don't let your business miss out. CHECKredi offers secure payment solutions for schools and businesses of any size. From a small start-up company, to a large company looking to grow even further, CHECKredi can assist with processing credit cards, check verification and collection, and remote deposit capture. No matter the size of your business, the goal is to offer a payment processing platform that's safe, convenient, and efficient for all parties involved.

Point-of-Sale Credit Card Processing

Even with the growth of online sales, we can't forget about the brick-and-mortar stores. CHECKredi offers processing solutions and equipment to handle payments with credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards. From simple credit card terminals to more complex terminal systems, CHECKredi helps to ensure the ease and security of payments no matter where a customer shops.


The Best Credit Card Processing Rates and Fees

With CHECKredi, the payment is sure to be secure from anywhere the customer is. Online and in-store credit card processing services make it easy for customers to purchase what they're looking for, improving their shopping experience and your bottom line. CHECKredi also makes it easy for you to set up a secure payment solution with the best credit card processing rates. By joining CHECKredi's Credit Card Club, you'll have access to the latest in credit card merchant services, such as online payment processing, electronic funds transfer (EFT), and recurring payments, all while saving between 30% to 50% in monthly credit card transaction fees.

Compare CHECKredi with your current provider and see what a difference secure payment solutions can make for you, your customers, and your business.


Never Receive a Bad Check Again!

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